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2016 Chamber Board

Chamber History

Owensville's Chamber of Commerce met for the first time on February 24, 1920, under the name of Owensville Club, with 40 members signing the by-laws and paying membership fees of $5.00 each. 

The purpose of the club was to advance the commercial, industrial, and civic interests of Owensville and its trade area, with the secretary to correspond with shoe factories and other businesses to encourage them to locate in Owensville. 

Records from 1933 show the signatures of 59 businessmen and citizens who agreed to make monthly donations to Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company for one year after the factory opened in Owensville. 

In 1941 the "Booster Club" adopted Articles of Association for a Community Fair and a Board of Directors. 

In 1952, with Homer Michel as President, the name of the Booster Club was officially changed to the Owensville Chamber of Commerce. 

Don Bade was president in 1971 when the Chamber, with an aggressive goal of attracting industry, purchased 78 acres for an industrial park. In 1972 the plotting of the roads, easements, and individual tracts was completed. 

The first industrial tract was purchased from August Schulte for $10,000.  Members of the chamber and community purchased $100 non-interest bearing notes to raise the cash.  These notes were paid off over the ten years at $1,000 per year.  The names on each note were placed in a jar.  Ten names were then draw at the annual chamber banquet to determine who would be repaid. 

Owensville was hard hit economically in 1992 when the Brown Shoe Company closed it's doors.  A special board meeting of the chamber, under the leadership of President Dr. Todd McCluskey, resulted in the purchase of the Brown Shoe Building, which later housed Langenberg Hat Company and now houses Maciejewski Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning. 

In 1999, with Ellen Adams as president, the Chamber once again looked to the future and negotiated to buy 73 acres of land for future industrial development and this acquisition was accomplished. 

In December 2004, the Chamber purchased the Ebling building located at the intersection of Cuba and Peters Streets to house its office.  The building was constructed in 1924 as the dental office of Dr. Charles Ebling and remained in the Ebling family until purchased by the Chamber.  Refurbishing was completed and an open house held on May 16, 2006. 

2019 Chamber Board Members: Executive Director: Bob Niebruegge 

President, Sal Parker

Vice President, Chris Shaul

Secretary, Tonya Price 
Treasurer, Amy  Baumhoegger

City of Owensville representative,

Nathan Schauf 

Board Members, Ashlee Jenkins, Jerry Lairmore, Cheryl Altemeyer, 
Doug Dunlap