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Chamber Land for Sale

West Industrial Park
From the January 21, 2011 Special Chamber Board meeting:
A motion was made and approved, 'for the sale of acreage in the West Side Industrial Park, price will be negotiable with a minimum price of $5000.00 per acre for industrial/manufacturing use only.  Infrastructure will be provided by the city subject to grant availability..' 

East Industrial Park

From the Jan 28, 2008 Chamber Board minutes:
A motion was made to offer the front 2+ acres (Lot 2) at a price of at least $20,000.00 per acre and the back two parcels
(Lots 3 & 4) at a negotiated price of $5000.00 or above.
From the Feb 4, 2008 Chamber Board minutes:
A motion was made to set the price for Tract 3 & 4 at $7500.00 per acre and that two addendums be included in all sales contracts.  The first shall state that should the buyer attempt to sell the property, seller (Owensville Chamber of Commerce) shall have the exclusive and irrevocable option to purchase the property for the purchase price.  The second addendum shall state that buyer has 6 months in which to break ground and completion of original building to be within 24 months.  
From the March 3, 2008 minutes:
"The following questions/issued were raised with regard to stipulations to be placed on the sale of any of our property:
1) A restriction should be placed stating that property cannot be used for any of the so called "Sin" clauses - subject to City Ordinance #XXXX. 
2)For the purpose of development of a (state purpose indicated by buyer) - completion date of 24 months included on 1st phase."  A motion was made and approved 'that a minimum of $1000.00 would be required as an earnest deposit on any of the Chamber's property being offered for sale.'