Owensville Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 77, 102 S. Cuba, Owensville, MO 65066 
573.437.4270 Phone

Community Services

Gasconade County Special Services

712 E. Highway 28, Owensville, MO 573-437-5800
Gasconade County Special Services is located at 712 E. Highway 28, Owensville, MO. They can be reached by phone at 573-437-5800. "It is the mission of Gasconade County Special Services to provide individualized opportunities to Gasconade County citizens with developmental disabilities" Applicants must be a resident of Gasconade County and have some type of developmental disability which was attained before the age of 22. Services include: Advocacy, Resource and Referral, Sheltered Workshop, Recreation and service coordination

Gasconade County Health Department
1210 Highway 28 West  Suite F
Owensville, Missouri 65066, (573) 437-2579   
Provides visiting nurse for In-home health care. Also administers the WIC Program, Immunizations, and Health Education.

Ministerial Alliance

The Owensville/Rosebud Ministerial Alliance provides limited temporary emergency assistance for a variety of needs including: gas, medicine, food, and travel aid, along with providing spiritual guidance. The Alliance also conducts two community worship services a year at Thanksgiving and Good Friday. The Alliance is also the local board for Salvation Army funds.
The officers are:
President: Rev. Jackie Asher
New Hope and Woollam United Methodist Church - 437-3776
Vice President: Rev. Christopher Ross
St. Peter’s United Church of Christ - 437-2779
Secretary / Treasurer: Rev. Rick Oberle
St. John’s United Church of Christ, Bem - 437-3698

Gasconade County Family Support

P.O. Box 545 (Hwy. 28 W), Owensville, Missouri 65066, (573) 437-4188
Provides services described below.

Heartland Independent Living Center www.heartlandilc.org
Heartland Independent Living Center operates its facility on the Four Core Services that are offered by most of the Centers for Independent Living in the U.S. They are:

Independent Living Skills Training -- Assistance in learning daily living skills, pre employment skills, interpersonal and other skills to enhance individual freedom and societal integration.
Information and Referral -- Provision of a wide variety of information & resources relating to disabilities issues.
Peer Support/Counseling -- Promotion & initiation of conversation, interaction, & mentoring among the disabled to encourage success & healthy, positive attitudes about disability issues.
Provide Advocacy --  Assistance in individual & corporate representation addressing organizations & businesses on behalf of the disabled.

Heartland life every center for independent living is happy to assist people with disabilities to go on & achieve great things in life.  They have ranged from college graduations & careers, family gatherings, & even community accessibility.  But, either way you look at it, it’s achieving things in a persons life & sometimes fulfilling their dreams

State Public Assistance Agency
Provides food stamps, medical assistance and financial assistance to qualified individuals and families in the county. They also administer children's programs for foster care/adoption; child abuse and neglect.

Long-Term Care
Some older Missourians will eventually live in a long-term care facility. In accordance with the Omnibus Nursing Home Act, the section for Long-Term Care is responsible for assuring the safety, health, welfare, and rights of persons residing in nursing facilities. services of the section include the following inspection, regulation, and licensure of residential care, intermediate care and skilled nursing facilities; investigation of complaints of abuse or neglect of the elderly in long-term care facilities; survey and certification of intermediate care and skilled nursing care facilities for Medicare and/or Medicaid participation; review to establish eligibility for Medicaid and cash grant assistance for residents in long-term care facilities; licensure of nursing home administrators through the Board of Nursing Home Administrators; review and approval of plans for proposed long-term care facilities prior to construction; development and implementation of all appropriate rules and regulations in accordance with the Omnibus Nursing Home Act; and provide technical assistance to long-term care facilities to provide pharmaceutical, dietary, and nursing services.

724 E. Highway 28, Owensville, Missouri 65066, (573) 437-2959
Provides counseling services.